Delegate to Replicator Network on Cosmos Hub

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How to stake Atoms on Cosmos Hub by delegating to Replicator Network.

Replicator Network address: cosmosvaloper1et77usu8q2hargvyusl4qzryev8x8t9wwqkxfs

Commission rate: 0%

Delegate with Lunie

Delegate with gaiacli:

$ gaiacli tx staking delegate \
cosmosvaloper1et77usu8q2hargvyusl4qzryev8x8t9wwqkxfs 10000uatom \
--from <delegatorKeyName> --gas auto --gas-prices 0.025uatom
Note: You may need to add --gas-adjustment 1.5 if the above fails due to insufficient gas. See A Note on Gas and Fees

Live on Cosmos Hub

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Replicator Network is running a validator on Cosmos Hub.
We are now live on Cosmos Hub.